Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Teddy Bunn - The Very Best Of Teddy Bunn 1937 -1940

1 I Know That You Know 2:57
2 Bump It (Apex Blues) 3:21
3 Four or Five Times 3:08
4 Hell in My Heart 2:55
5 Jelly Roll Bert 2:55
6 That'll Get It 2:41
7 Brown Skin Gal Is the Best Gas After All 2:43
8 Wild Man Blues 3:10
9 Melancholy 2:41
10 Shake Your Can 2:54
11 If You See Me Comin' 3:06
12 Gettin' Together 2:49
13 If You're a Viper 2:25
14 Baby, It Must Be Love 2:49
15 Beale Street Mama 3:15
16 After Hours Blues 4:10
17 Basin Street Blues 3:44
18 Summertime 4:12
19 Thirsty Mama Blues 3:17
20 Pig Foot Sonata 3:04
21 King Porter Stomp 3:10
22 Blues Without Words 3:09
23 Guitar in High 3:11
24 Jackson's Nook 2:26
25 I've Come a Long Ways Baby 3:00

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Errol Dixon - Blues In The Pot

Confusion Blues
I Love My Baby
Hot Summer
There's Nothing I Can Do About It
The Pot
Back To The Chicken Shack
I Done Found Out
Midnight Stroll
I Want To Know
Born Loser
Hot Sausage
Dixon Bounce

Errol's Transatlantic LP will also be posted soon.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Big Maybelle - Got A Brand New Bag

96 Tears 2:38
Mellow Yellow 2:25
That's Life 2:58
There Must Be A Word 2:00
Ellenor Rigby 2:05
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing 2:10
I Can't Control Myself 2:35
Cabaret 1:55
Black Is Black 2:30
Coming On Strong 1:50
Egg Plant That Ate Chicago 2:24
Turn The World Around Another Way 2:04

Various - Guitars in High

Mickey Baker - Shake it up
Tiny Grimes - Tiny's Boogie
Tiny Grimes - Blues round up
Leroy Ennois - T.W. Boogie
Bill Jennings - Soft winds
Teddy Bunn - Guitar in high
Teddy Bunn - Blues without words
Oscar Moore - Scratch sheet
Johnny Moore - B sharp you'll see
Mickey Baker - Riverboat
Mickey Baker - Ain't no strain
Pee Wee Crayton - Cool evening
Pete "Guitar" Lewis - Good old blues
Pete "Guitar" lewis - Ooh midnight


Johnny Woods - So Many Cold Mornings

A1 So Many Cold Mornings 3:24
A2 She's Loving Another Man 2:47
A3 Be My Baby 2:36
A4 One String Baby 2:40
A5 That's All Right 3:51
A6 Going Over The Hill 3:04
B1 Going Up The Country 2:04
B2 My Jack Don't Drink No Water 5:34
B3 On This Killing Floor 3:45
B4 Susanna 4:31
B5 Shake A Regular Boogie 3:38


Butler Twins - Live In Detroit

A1 Introduction: Famous Coachman 0:30
A2 Long Distance Love 4:34
A3 Hey Baby 5:02
A4 The Fatman 5:12
A5 I've Got To Move Out Of My Neighborhood 6:28
A6 Take Me Back 3:55
B1 Butler Boogie 7:22
B2 Old Blouse Or Two 5:46
B3 Ex Old Man 3:58
B4 Miss T 3:42

Friday, February 10, 2017

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


16th October: Gerard Herzhaft -Would anyone have a copy in any form of any Knowles (a Gospel Detroit record label) LP and 45s, particularly Knowles LP 1.000.000??

30th October: Pablow - Blind Connie Williams -Philadelphia Street Singer- Traditional Blues, Spirituals And Folksongs"
BTW still after "Harmonica Frank Floyd's ‎– Blues That Made The Roosters Dance"


30th October: Pino - Rosco Gordon - Legendary Sun Performers

4th December: Muddyw1213 - Freddy King ‎– It's Too Bad Things Are Going so Tough on Python Records ‎– PLP KM 5

19th January: Pepe - Post War blues (PWB) Vol. 4 Texas

21st January: David: Va -"Times Are So Tight" LP on Swingtime
"Blues In The Thirties" LP on Japanese MCA, or the Japanese P-Vine LP "Johnnie Temple: Lead Pencil Blues"?

5th February: MapleBlues -Black Wich-a-Way Rhythm - Early Rockin Rhythm & Blues – Various Artist

9th February: Ricardo M - Benny Spellman compilation on Bandy Records called "Benny Spellman"

11th February; Tom Thumb -Can somebody please help with some late JOB 45s?
Otis Spann 1110, 1111
Eddie King 1122 (Lonely Man)
Ernest Cotton 1125
Willie Cobbs 1127

Various - Blues At Newport 1964

Here is an out of print French only re-release 2CD set, including the great Robert Pete Williams, Sleepy John Estes and Mississippi John Hurt, that was requested some time ago.
Thanks go to the man with the Blue Eyes for sharing this with us.


George Jackson - Sweet Down Home Delta Blues

A1 Down At The Crossroads
A2 Key To The Highway
A3 Times Are Gettin' Hard
A4 Catfish Blues
A5 12th Street Boogie
B1 Sweet Home Chicago
B2 Down In The Cotton Fields
B3 Sugar Mama
B4 Annie Lee
B5 Leavin' Kansas City

Thursday, February 9, 2017

John "King Size" Russell - Rhythm And Blues

John Russell died on 12th September 2010 unexpectedly of a cerebral hemorrhage. The older generation should remember as the singer of the hits of the seventies duo Spooky & Sue (You talk too much, Would You Like to Swing on a Star and You got what it takes), the new generation will especially him especially recognize La Presie of the TV advertising of PTT.
John Russell - he had British grandparents - was born in 1943 in Paramaribo. In 1959 he was sent by his parents to the Netherlands to study. They wanted him to be a Pathologist. But the music drew him again, after he had won an Elvis talent contest in Suriname
In the Netherlands he was invited to perform in the children's circus Toni Boltini. Queen Juliana saw him there and gave him an acoustic guitar. Then he went touring in Germany, where he was accompanied at the Star Club in Hamburg by The Silver Beatles, the then-unknown group of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. In June 1964 Russell was in Blokker as suppot act of the only Dutch concert of the now famous Beatles.
He then came in contact with a band whose members included drummer Pierre van der Linden and guitarist Jan Akkerman later Focus and won a second prize in the Musicparade VARA TV.
Because of its length and girth (he would later weigh 200 pounds), he was nicknamed Big John Russell.
In the early seventies Russell came into contact with the British singer Sue Chaloner. Together they had a string of hits as a duo Spooky & Sue, although Russell during television appearances was replaced by the Aruban dancer Iwan Groeneveld.
After his break with Sue Chaloner Big John Russell scored ten hits (Never loved a woman the way I love you and Hokie Pokie) with which he had so much success in Germany, he received the Golden Pyramid in 1981 as "the best, the most expensive and the Top Selling Artist in Germany. He invested his money in nightclubs in Uithoorn (Tutti Frutti) and Amersfoort (Big John's Dance Palace) and a kebab shop (Jerusalem of Gold). But he was more successful as an artist than as a businessman. In 1985 he scored a hit with Party Time. He toured throughout Europe with Bill Haley, Middle of the Road, Mungo Jerry, Bonnie Tyler, The Tremeloes and The Rubettes. At the request of Princess Irene he made a record for her disco book Irene, mother or rebel, of which 400 thousand were sold. In his hometown Leusden he had his own 36-track recording studio.
He continued to give concerts. Usually he started his performance with Papa was a rolling stone, with the famous line "It was the 3th of September, that day we will always remember." At the funeral card made by his wife and four children there is another phrase of "It was the 12th of September, a day that they will always remember.
Peter de Waard (edited by xyros52)