Sunday, April 30, 2017

Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul Tour 1968


Hartmuts Singles 46


O.W. Brown - I'll Be Home After 'While

A1 The Truth Will Catch a Lie 2:17
A2 No More Than His Children Can Bear 4:33
A3 Story Teller 2:27
A4 When Spring Comes 2:50
A5 My Heart's Almost Gone 2:14
A6 Way Over There 3:30
B1 Hope It Never Happens To You 3:00
B2 I Can't Get Enough 2:45
B3 Come And Join The Army 2:17
B4 How Can You Forget Him 3:20
B5 By The Riverside 2:23
B6 I'll Be Home After 'While 2:30

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Guitar Jr. (Lonnie Brooks) - Broke An' Hungry

A1 Wee Wee Hours
A2 Things I Used To Do
A3 Go To The Mardi Gras
A4 Texas Flood
A5 Tom Cat Blues
A6 Rooster Blues
B1 The Train And The Horse
B2 Broke & Hungry
B3 When There's No Way Out
B4 Don't Touch Me Baby
B5 Bed Bug Blues


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Guitar Slim Jr. - The Story Of My Life

A1 Trouble Don't Last
A2 Letter To My Girlfriend
A3 Guitar Slim Jr.
A4 Bad Luck Blues
A5 Can I Change My Mind
B1 Too Weak To Fight
B2 Reap What You Sow
B3 Well, I Done Got Over
B4 Turn Back The Hands Of Time
B5 Sufferin' Mind

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Ruby Andrew - Kiss This

I Want To Rock With You Baby No. 2 3:40
Since I Met You 5:05
Que Pasa 4:18
To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Woman) 3:30
Kiss This 3:55
Lovey Dovey (Duet With Swamp Dogg) 3:15
Throw Some More Dirt On Me (The Shacking Song) 3:33
Loving You No. 44 3:15
I Got What I Want At Home 3:14
As In Always 3:43

Various - Last But Not Least - Blues Via 728 Texas

(Houston Town (Buddy Ace – Paula 343) / Stoop Down (Cash McCall – Ronn 76) / Tia Juana (Ray Agee – Jewel Unissued / Shirley 108?) / Everybody Don't Know About My Good Thing – Part 1 (Brende George - Ronn 60) / The Thril Ain’t Gone (Alex Williams & The Mustang – Jewel 812 / Soultrak 5145) / Tell Me The Truth (Jay Jay Taylor – Dynamite 8665) / Talk It Over One More Time (Roy Brown – Jewel / Chess Unissued) / Raining In My Heart (Peppermint Harris – Jewel 762 alternate take) / Bad Affair (Big Mac – Jewel 787) / Impeach Me Baby (Arlene Brown & Lee "Shot" Williams – Dynamite 8664) / I've Been Up On The Mountain (Joe Turner – Ronn 28) / Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man (Bobby Rush – Part 1 – Jewel 834 / On Top 2001) / In A Recording Session - Booty Trap Baby (The Carter Brothers - Take 1-6))

Frits's Tapes Number 93 & 94

Tape 93:

Tape 94:

Doug Sahm ?????

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beale Street Blues Band - Live

Yet another little known tape from the collection of KansasJoe.


Skinnymon post with tracks split :